Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oh how the babies change!

This last week has been rough, both little ones caught a cold. But mom and dad kept busy with taking pictures every great opportunity!

Ian is getting so big already!
Ian, mom, and Aedyn hanging out before dinner.
Our little thinker.
She is getting too big for this chair already!
Dad has his hands full with two!
Sleeping on daddy is so easy to do.
Aedyn and mom having fun!
What a handsome and freshly bathed boy!
This is a pretty comfy bouncer.

Like my tie? Thank you Courtney & Logan! I am stylin now!!
Went for a walk but it got dark and brother fell asleep back there.
Sleeping boy.
Oh What a Happy Girl!
Here I am sleeping on dad again.
Um, why I am on the floor laying in a boppy?
Dad and Ian sleeping yet again.
Dad hanging with Aedyn.
Ian sitting in the big chair.
Aedyn really doesn't want her hair done.

She is so mad!
Hanging out in the bouncer again - so relaxing.

I like to know what is going on in the world!
So cozy!
Stretching out!

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