Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Daddy and his girl at the Easter Egg Hunt.
Um, is there supposed to be something in here?
Okay, I will just keep collecting them.
Lounging in sissys pink boppy.
I really like this bouncy thing!
Do you like my pig tales?
Mommy and Ian napping.
Ian hanging out with daddy.
Do I have to sit next to him?
Why is he leaning on me?
Hello mom!
Did you really have to show this picture?
Mom! I am trying to get ready for my bath.

Miss cutie pie!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Visiting Family

Aedyn and her big kitty Newman.
Yes, I am trying to sleep mom.
Aedyn has found her dad's Hot Wheels!
Hello mom, I have big streatches.
Hot Wheel time!
Knocked out ~
Bundled up
Me and Aedyn hanging out.
Grandma Le with Ian and Aedyn.
Grandma Le with Ian and Aedyn.
Cousin Morgan and Aedyn.
Cousin Morgan and Aedyn.
Cousin Luke and Aedyn. (She had a great time with Luke.)
Cousin Abby with Ian.
Cousin Abby with Ian.
Ian, bright eyed and awake!
Cousin Luke and Aedyn.
Cousin Abby and Aedyn.
Auntie Amy and Ian.
Aedyn giving brother kisses.
Hello, I am awake :)
No daddy!
Grandma Judy, Auntie Amy, and Ian.
Aedyn all caged up on the luggage cart at the hotel.
Hey who is that? She looks just like me!
Daddy and Aedyn.
This luggage cart is fun!
Uncle TJ and Aedyn.
Grandpa Les and Ian.