Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ian's Dedication Ceremony & Oh how fast they grow!

Today we had Ian's dedication ceremony with Ch L. Kittle at the Luke Community Chapel. Ch. Kittle did the twins dedication at Banner Good Sam, while Ethan had already passed away, Andrew had not yet passed. He also did Aedyn's dedication at the Luke Community Chapel. We have been blessed in the every changing world of the Air Force to have the same Chaplain for all of our children. God is Great!

I am watching you!
Crash victims!
Ian's dedication with Ch L.Kittle
Hey there world! Today was my dedication.
This chair seems awfully big.
But I like lounging in it anyway.
Are you going to pick me up anytime soon?
No? Well that is not very nice mom!
That was too funny mom!
Sleeping in the swing.
Hello everyone! Do you like my pony tail?
If I close my eyes, you can't see me!
My pony tail is boppin away!

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