Friday, January 22, 2010

January 1, 2010

We beginning this blog with a new year!

2010 begins with a family completed, one girl, one boy, and two cats.

As many of you know we began our journey together in June of 2003 when Aaron and I got married. We decided to expand our family, but after years of no success, we turned to Invitro Fertilization. In April of 2007, we had our first IVF and were successful in getting pregnant with twin boys. This was however, a devestating loss in August of 2007 when I went in to pre-term labor. Ethan Jon was born on August 24, 2007 and Andrew Jude was born on August 25, 2007. Our angels will forever be in our hearts and watching over us.
We continued on this path and did a frozen transfer in November 2007 which was not successful. In December we tried Clomid on the off chance that it might work. To our amazement, we were blessed with....yes....twins. However, in March 2008, we lost one of the twins in the first trimester. With much closer monitoring, we were able to welcome Aedyn Satori into the world and into our arms on August 21, 2008. Not even one year had passed since we lost the twins. She is a blessing and is an amazing little girl!
With age not on my side, we decided to try again soon. Knowing that it might take a while, we tried another frozen transfer in February 2009. Again to our disappointment, it was a failed cycle. What the heck, we did Clomid again in March 2009, but was again disappointed with a failed cycle.
We rethought the idea and decided that it might be better if I could loose all the infertilty and pregnancy weight and try again when Aedyn is 16 months. So....I had the lap band put in May 12, 2009 and began yet a new journey. This journey was short lived when on June 10, 2009, we found out that I was pregnant, 8 weeks along. Yes, when they put the band in they did a pregnancy test and it was negative.
We were thrilled!! So thrilled with a surprise of natural conception that we decided to keep the gender a surprise as well. On December 31, 2009 we were introduced by Dr Elliot to a baby boy, yes a baby boy, Ian Jude. I was pretty sure the he was going to be a girl, that I really didn't prepare at all for a boy. And we had to go buy a few things to start him off. I couldn't really let him wear all his sisters pink clothes for too long.

So this begins our 2010 with a family completed.

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  1. I am sooooo thrilled I can follow along again! What a wonderful family you have.... We are so much alike in our journey, it's been fun to have you along!